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Cindy Lesperance is an award-winning artists based in Chicago, where she operates her private studio in the northwest suburbs.

Her art has been exhibited and has earned awards in many juried shows and competitions, galleries, and museums throughout the Chicagoland area and across the country including:  Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL - Bridgeport Art Center, 4th Floor Gallery, Chicago, IL - RMU-State Street Gallery, Chicago, IL - Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY - Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver CO - Rockford Art Museum - Quad Cities International Airport Gallery - Freeport Art Museum and has been chosen by prominent jurors such as: Joanne Materra, Kaveh Mojtabai - Founder and Publisher of Artscope, Barbara O'Brien, Fred Camper, James Yood, Aron Packer, Dan Addington, Sarah Krepp, Jerry McLaughlin, Lisa Pressman and Sergio Gomez to participate and earn awards in many juried shows.  She has been featured in publications including: EA Magazine, ACS Magazine, and the cover of multiple Professional publications.  


Cindy’s dedication to the arts extends beyond her studio, as she served as the Past President (2019-2021) and is currently a Board Member at Large of FUSEDChicago.  This Chicago-based collective develops and showcases artists working in encaustic and allows Cindy to contribute her expertise and passion to the local and regional art scene.  Additionally, she is an active member of the Women’s Caucus for the Arts, further demonstrating her commitment to fostering creativity and inclusion.


Cindy loves spending time in nature, traveling, and learning about other cultures:  their art, traditions, and architecture. Always aware of color, pattern, and texture, these experiences inform her work. Cindy has evolved a personal style that is highly sophisticated and meticulous in attention to craftsmanship.  Her process incorporates a technique she developed of applying small droplets of encaustic, a combination of beeswax, resin and pigment, one-by-one to the surface of the painting and exploring the relationship of these drips to the spaces in between them.  The overall effect produces a tactile quality that when viewed in person, engages those who encounter it. 


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