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Abstract Earth

On a flight with my son, a pilot, I found myself captivated by the dual nature of the world when viewed from above – simultaneously familiar and abstract.  This led me to explore and discover the abstractness of the earth from an aerial perspective.  


The Salt Flats pieces were inspired by the vibrant hues and captivating textures of the salt flats.   I create the polished, translucent, areas of the colorful evaporation pools juxtaposed with areas where I employed my signature ‘drop’ technique to build an abstracted interpretation of the textural areas of the roads and accumulated salt.


Moving beyond literal representation, my Abstract Earth pieces delve into the aerial perspective without tethering itself to the natural landscape. Here, the artwork transforms into a combination of colors, shapes, and textures, transcending the boundaries of the familiar and inviting viewers into a realm where abstraction reigns supreme.

quad cities.jpg
Mopho 2017 1.jpg
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